College of Arts
School of Fine & Performing Arts
Project Lead
Andrew Bracey
Project team members
Siobhan O'Gorman
Tessa Palfrey
Project start date
27th November, 2017
Project end date
24th May, 2018

Teaching & Learning Innovation

Postman Time

This innovative and collaborative student project between MA Fine Art and MA Drama saw the students work together, with the guidance and support of staff, to develop exciting, challenging work for a whole new type of exhibition. The premise built upon the principles of the exhibition ‘Il Tempo del Postino’ (Manchester International Festival, 2007) that gave artists time instead of space. The exhibition (24th May 2018) was unconventionally presented on stage at Blue Room Theatre on the Lawns instead of the more usual gallery and presented a series of creative works made between groups of students from different disciplines, as part of the Lincoln Festival of Creativity.

The project was successful on many levels. Publicised through a strong social media campaign, approximately 50 people came to the event and the feedback from the audience – that included children, staff, friends, local artisits and locals – was very positive. The biggest success was how the students from different disciplines worked together and built a strong, supportive, creative community. The project pushed students to do something new, whilst challenging definitions and perceived boundaries of their individual creative practices.

Reflective feedback from students was unanimously positive, including the following comments:

‘I have learnt something about myself having done this’

‘It prepared me really well for the rest of the programme and beyond’

‘It allowed me to flex my professional muscles’

‘This has given me the confidenceto put theory into practice’

In addition, the input of three A-Level students who were at the University on work experience became a valuable part of the learning, helping the post-graduate students realise the impact they were having on their audience, as well as recognising how far they had progressed.

Following the success of the project, the exhibitors created two films (a 2-minute highlight film with student interviews and a complete document of the night) that will be shown to incoming students to instil a positivity in cross/inter- disciplinary practices.

The project team will disseminate Postman Time at conferences such as NAFAE over the next 12 months.